"Eating more vegetables won't make you one."


Hi. We’re the Johnson’s (Michael & Breann)! Welcome to our site, Make It Vegan.

Our Story

the china study Back in 2010, we discovered the benefits of eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet by reading The China Study.

After reading the first 250 pages, it was clear that we needed to change our diet. As a couple that doesn’t drink, smoke, or has ever truly enjoyed eating meat, becoming Vegan was easy; it just required a little planning (at first).

We started our Vegan journey by doing a 3-to-5 day juice fast (using these juices, mainly this one) – drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice, followed by 30 days of eating nothing but fruits and vegetables.

Over that month, we lost weight (Michael lost 25 lbs) and both felt full of energy and life! We also said goodbye to those nasty migraines and acne we used to get from eating a SAD (Standard American Diet)!

Wholesome Goodness

After years of eating (and living) this way, we’re convinced we have some of the best recipes for anyone seeking to better their lives by adopting the principles outlined in The China Study.

Breann has even started a Vegan cooking channel on YouTube and is constantly adding new videos. You should subscribe to her channel!

breann johnson cooking channel

Through our trials, food experiments, and progress to finding a better way of life, we hope you enjoy our site and come back often to explore our articles on how to have a healthier, whole-foods, plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Wishing you happiness,

The Johnson’s