"Eating more vegetables won't make you one."

Candied Yams, Baby! Awesome Vegan Candied Sweet Potato Recipe!

vegan candied yams recipe

Check out this delicious candied yams recipe. It’s sweet, savory, and packs a ton of flavors into each bite. With only 5 ingredients, you’re probably wondering how this dish gets all its flavor!

Forget Mincing. These Frozen Herb Cubes Are the Answer.

dorot basil and garlic cubes

I’ll be honest. The thought of frozen herb cubes doesn’t sound appetizing. When I think of herbs, my mind imagines food that’s fresh, savory, and picked-from-the-garden. But the thing about herbs is that their genetic make-up really doesn’t matter; they can be raw, frozen, cooked, or dried and they’re amazing. Without herbs, food would be… Continue Reading »

Simple Vegan Granola Recipe

simple vegan granola recipe

Over the years, we’ve found some really great recipes. Of those recipes, comes this deliciously-simply vegan granola. It’s flavorful, balanced, and can be ready to eat in about 20 minutes. Get the recipe!
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Amazon Fresh… Worth It? Our Experience Might Change Your Mind

amazon's biggest fail amazon fresh

Our Saturday’s consist mainly of running errands. Bleh. Now, I don’t always dread errands. For the past few months, we’ve been starting our Saturday down at our local Acai Jungle Cafe; they have the BEST tasting acai bowls and Breann loves their Tropical Paradise smoothie! I always have them top my acai bowl with bananas,… Continue Reading »

How to Earn Money Posting Reviews on Products You Love

Ask yourself some easy questions… Do I have a passion? Do I feel valued when I earn money? Do I enjoy trying new products? Do I feel creative? Do I like sharing my experience and knowledge? Do I have fun taking pictures? And now some harder ones… Do I live in the U.S. or Canada?… Continue Reading »

5 Secrets To Making That Perfect Bowl of Oatmeal Every Time (2017 Edition)

grocery outlet store

2017 is all about making decisions and trying new things that lead to forming good habits. With that said, let me introduce Grocery Outlet. Breann and I visited our local Grocery Outlet. We both had never heard of or seen this store before so we didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully, it was only a… Continue Reading »

Brighten Your Holiday Season With a Little More Red and Green

goodfoods tableside chunky guacamole

Guacamole. In its simplest form, it’s just a mashed avocado with a little salt. Peel, mash, consume. Those 3 simple steps have saved my life when it comes to dinner ideas. Yes, I said it. Dinner ideas. The casseroles, meatless plates, and mashed potatoes have hogged the spotlight for way too long and it’s time… Continue Reading »